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A Fortune 500 company, Quest Diagnostic’s family company Dermpath Diagnostics excels in providing dermatologists with diagnoses for multiple skin and infectious disorders with multiple labs spread across the country. From advanced diagnosis in biological sampling of patient specimens, to enhanced services for compliance temperature monitoring and courier transport, Dermpath is undoubtedly a leader in providing accurate, clear and prompt diagnoses.

Dermpath laboratory approached the Shipcom team for a temperature and humidity compliance solution system to monitor and maintain optimal room and refrigerator standards as per the FDA guidelines. Shipcom was able to solve this problem immediately by providing their time-tested IoT labs monitoring platform, Catamaran NextGenTM.

Shipcom Catamaran NextGen™ platform offered enterprise visibility and control of critical and valuable assets.

Real-time Compliance Monitoring
Automated Daily Logs for Audits
User Friendly, Intuitive, & Ease of Mobility
Turnkey Sensor Solutions
Scalable & integrates with New Operational


In order to monitor the various rooms and assets for the lab environment, Shipcom sent over multiple LoRa LPWAN, NIST Certified sensors to the lab, along with gateways placed in secure rooms throughout the facility, which, via cellular LTE connection, send over real-time data across a secure network to our easily deployable cloud-based application.

Incorrect documentation, blank spots, back dating, and inaccurate data collection are a few items that commonly cause labs to get cited with deficiencies. The Catamaran NextGenTM IoT software platform provides accurate data, electronic signatures and approvals, ensuring efficiency on the documenting techniques. The system also reduced paper and storage by providing e-storage for up to 3 years of data, saving on significant admin costs, while monitoring improper environmental fluctuations.

The solution allows numerous Quest Diagnostic Labs across the nation to provide daily (historical) logging in compliance with their own standards and requirements. Being able to access data and alerts anywhere allows the client to keep track of what optimal climate control is required in the spaces, especially due to the humid weather in the region, preventing potential contamination and growth of microbes and bacteria.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors
IoT Gateway

Catamaran NextGenTM’s simple and sleek interface allows users to easily navigate through the platform, control and capture real-time life sciences metrics and data-points throughout the Quest network.

Shipcom Delivers Remarkable Value & Savings

Digitize compliance, anticipate malfunctions and failures with Shipcom’s IoT platform

  • Keep track of thousands of daily sensor readings and set compliance ranges for each asset at-will
  • Get immediate alerts and notifications for asset & sensor health statuses, be on top of NIST certification expiration dates, and anticipate out-of-range assets through AI driven insights
  • Modify dashboard preferences as per asset, technician, or facility across all the national labs through the robust role-based access controls
Luis Soto

Director of Laboratory Operations

The Catamaran NextGen™ system now lets us redirect the time it took to manually document this data and focus on other critical work. Ultimately, this upgrade helps increase our staff’s productivity.


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