Boost Your Shelf Confidence with Catamaran NextGen™

Comprehensive visibility and insights on a single pane of glass


An arsenal of sensors enrich our warehouse management solution with a variety of data, that is modular, scalable and cost effective.


Advanced software turns a warehouse full of data into a warehouse fueled by insights, optimizing inventory management.


We’re at your service on your schedule. Our attentive and responsive team ensures maximum uptime for your warehouse solution.

Professionally Installed
Battery Backup
LoRaWAN® Connectivity
Custom Alerts via SMS & Email

Intelligent Insights

Secure Cloud Connection

Tailored Unified Dashboard

Hardware Agnostic

Live and Historical Reports

Text, Call or Video Support

Inventory Management

Easily answer: what? how much? where?

Use a single platform where your entire team can access data about what you have, how much of it is in stock and where is it all located.

Real-time visibility

Get full material visibility, from arrival to shipping, to track inventory levels in real-time and prevent overstocking or stock shortages.

Inventory Alerts

Customized smart alerts inform users when an item’s quantity falls below its threshold, and when inventory is aging and expiring soon.

Auto count

Automated inventory management reads 1000s of tags hourly, helping managers know exactly what’s in stock without manually checking each bin.

Warehouse Management

Take control of all your warehouses remotely

Monitor inventory at multiple warehouse locations, see what items are in stock, how much, and where everything is located. Also assign and manage tasks remotely.

Manage Multiple Locations

Use alerts, filtering, task assignment, and auto counts to simplify managing multiple warehouses through any screen, anywhere in the world.

Bin Locations and Status

Optimize inventory placement based on bin location and status. Use any device to find the bin location for any inventory that needs to be picked or putaway.

Cycle Counts

Reconcile warehouse inventory using Cycle Count. Analyze results, assign physical counts, and update inventory accordingly.

Task Management

Assign and manage tasks on any device

Manage picking, putaway, task assignment, and performance tracking for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Pick Lists and Putaways

Pick lists provide workers with a clear list of items to pick and their locations in the warehouse. Live data on available storage space simplifies putaway.

Transfers and Adjustments

Transfer inventory to other warehouses based on usage and availability and adjust inventory levels to reduce errors when things don’t match up.

Task Assignments & Status

Manage picking and putaway, assign tasks to employees, and track performance metrics to ensure that operations are running efficiently.

Legacy Systems Integration
Professionally Installed
Competitive Pricing
Turnkey Solution
Text, Call or Video Support

Sensors & Devices

Mobile Web Apps

Manage everything from any screen

Reduce your dependency on manual communication and paper trails. Our platform provides comprehensive real-time visibility across your entire warehouse operations in one dashboard on mobile and desktop devices.

Streamline Warehouse Management
with an intuitive and User-Friendly UI

Make your inventory smart
by using Shipcom’s AIoT solutions

Shipcom AIoT for Everyone

Warehouse Manager

Monitor critical lab parameters such as equipment status, temperature, humidity, and 5 other IAQ conditions in real- time allowing lab managers to proactively address issues, optimize lab conditions, and ensure smooth operations.

Floor Supervisor

Export data to existing third-party systems and applications, such as ELN, ERP and LIMS systems. Access advanced analytics to analyze data trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions for process optimization and resource allocation.

Material Handlers

Ease regulatory burden with robust reports generated from data meeting the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 through encrypted sensor data, redundant storage, accurate time stamping, and secure user authentication.