Say Goodbye to Lab Anxiety with Catamaran NextGen™

Because your lab deserves 24/7 monitoring, but you need sleep


An arsenal of sensors enrich our labs management solution with a variety of data, that is modular, scalable and cost effective.


Advanced software turns a lab full of data into a lab fueled by insights, monitoring critical parameters and preventing sample loss.


We’re at your service on your schedule. Our attentive and responsive team ensures maximum uptime for your lab solution.

Professionally Installed
Battery Backup
LoRaWAN® Connectivity
Custom Alerts via SMS & Email

Intelligent Insights

Secure Cloud Connection

Tailored Unified Dashboard

Hardware Agnostic

Live and Historical Reports

Text, Call or Video Support

Lab Monitoring

Keep an eye on your lab(s) from anywhere

Personalized notifications immediately notify when an asset malfunctions, power outage occurs, or a metric goes beyond its designated range.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor temperature for water baths, freezers, coolers, incubators, ovens and more. Receive instant alerts the moment a metric falls out of range.

Ambient Monitoring

Monitor 7 IAQ conditions: temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC, pressure, light and presence, to account and adjust for environmental variables in the lab.

Multiple Locations

Track parameters from multiple lab locations. Monitor all assets at each location and add any necessary corrective actions for personnel.

Custom Alerting

Set custom alerts for your worst-case

Set custom notifications to receive instant alerts the moment an asset malfunctions, power fails, or a metric falls out of range.

SMS & Email Alerts

Receive instant alerts via SMS or Email when critical parameters deviate from the acceptable range, enabling prompt corrective action.

Custom Thresholds

Custom thresholds allow monitoring for specific use cases ensuring compliance. Setup as many recipients as needed to receive these alerts.

Prevent Product Loss

Take prompt corrective action when critical parameters fall out of range to stay compliant and prevent any product loss.

Audit, Compliance & Reporting

Simplify compliance with detailed reports

Our platform meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements through encrypted sensor data, redundant storage, precise time stamping, and secure user authentication.

Live & Historical Reporting

Continuous recording of temperature, humidity, and air quality, provides a detailed audit trail that can be easily accessed for comprehensive reports.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

The accuracy, reliability, authenticity and confidentiality of the Shipcom AIoT platform meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 through encryption, redundancy and authentication.

Paperless Process

Filter through data, make custom reports and export to PDF without ever printing a sheet of paper, keeping your lab organized.

Legacy Systems Integration
Professionally Installed
Competitive Pricing
Turnkey Solution
Text, Call or Video Support

Sensors & Devices

Mobile Web Apps

Manage everything from any screen

Reduce your dependency on manual communication and paper trails. Our platform provides comprehensive real-time visibility across your entire lab operations in one dashboard on mobile and desktop devices.

Streamline Labs Management
with an intuitive and User-Friendly UI

Make your lab equipment smart
by using Shipcom’s AIoT solutions

Shipcom AIoT for Everyone


Laboratory Manager

Monitor critical lab parameters such as equipment status, temperature, humidity, and 5 other IAQ conditions in real- time allowing lab managers to proactively address issues, optimize lab conditions, and ensure smooth operations.


Laboratory Personnel

Export data to existing third-party systems and applications, such as ELN, ERP and LIMS systems. Access advanced analytics to analyze data trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions for process optimization and resource allocation.


QA Manager

Ease regulatory burden with robust reports generated from data meeting the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 through encrypted sensor data, redundant storage, accurate time stamping, and secure user authentication.