Your Fleet in the Cloud with Catamaran NextGen™

Fleet management technology to streamline your operations


An arsenal of sensors enrich our fleet management solution with a variety of data, that is modular, scalable and cost effective.


Advanced software turns a fleet full of data into a fleet fueled by insights, simplifying maintenance and fleet management.


We’re at your service on your schedule. Our attentive and responsive team ensures maximum uptime for your fleet solution.

Professionally Installed
Battery Backup
LoRaWAN® Connectivity
Custom Alerts via SMS & Email

Intelligent Insights

Secure Cloud Connection

Tailored Unified Dashboard

Hardware Agnostic

Live and Historical Reports

Text, Call or Video Support

Fleet telematics

Reduce costs and fleet downtime

Fleet and vehicle diagnostics combined with predictive maintenance give you everything you need to reduce your fleet’s downtime and increase its productivity.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Real-time reporting of engine fault codes, lamps and engine data provides maintenance and repair insights for the entire fleet.

Fuel Efficiency

Use route optimization and driver coaching to reduce fuel costs. Eliminate wasteful behaviors like excess idling, hard acceleration and speeding.

Preventive Maintenance

Proactively spot issues like failing batteries and engine fault codes through diagnostics, extending vehicle lifespan and avoiding roadside breakdowns.

Route Telematics

Know where your fleet is, anywhere, anytime

Reduce your dependency on manual communication. Get real-time fleet visibility in one dashboard.

Live Location Tracking

Use real-time GPS tracking to ensure your vehicles are on schedule. Aid drivers in hard-to-find locations and help authorities track stolen property.

Route Optimization

Plan and analyze routes and stops and evaluate data on their performance to identify deviations and pinpoint trends to remedy with coaching.


Automatically get notified, via text or email when your assets arrive and leave specific locations, or when any abnormal activity occurs.

In-Cabin Coaching

Protect drivers and lower incident costs

Real-time incident detection and preventative in-cabin coaching for a variety of driver behaviors, protects drivers and lowers incident costs.

Safer Driving Habits

Boost driver safety in real-time through optional in-cab coaching in high risk situations such as tailgating, rolling stops, mobile usage, harsh driving, no seatbelt, and more.

Anti-Wasteful Behaviors

Coach effectively by pinpointing which wasteful behaviors (idling, speeding, hard acceleration) drivers are exhibiting, how often, and how behaviors can be improved.

Incident Evidence

Retrieve hundreds of hours of video on-demand within minutes. Combine video retrieval with incident details based on GPS location and exonerate drivers.

Legacy Systems Integration
Professionally Installed
Competitive Pricing
Turnkey Solution
Text, Call or Video Support

Sensors & Devices

Mobile Web Apps

Manage everything from any screen

Reduce your dependency on manual communication and paper trails. Our platform provides comprehensive real-time visibility across your entire fleet operations in one dashboard on mobile and desktop devices.

Streamline Fleet Management
with an intuitive and User-Friendly UI

Make your fleet smart
by using Shipcom’s AIoT solutions

Shipcom AIoT for Everyone


Fleet Manager

Monitor critical lab parameters such as equipment status, temperature, humidity, and 5 other IAQ conditions in real- time allowing lab managers to proactively address issues, optimize lab conditions, and ensure smooth operations.



Export data to existing third-party systems and applications, such as ELN, ERP and LIMS systems. Access advanced analytics to analyze data trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions for process optimization and resource allocation.


Maintenance Crew

Ease regulatory burden with robust reports generated from data meeting the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 through encrypted sensor data, redundant storage, accurate time stamping, and secure user authentication.