Don't Let Your Assets Wander with Catamaran NextGen™

Tracking, Alerts and Protection on a single platform


An arsenal of sensors enrich our asset management solution with a variety of data, that is modular, scalable and cost effective.


Advanced software turns assets full of data into assets fueled by insights, increasing utilization and reduce downtime.


We’re at your service on your schedule. Our attentive and responsive team ensures maximum uptime for your asset solution.

Professionally Installed
Battery Backup
LoRaWAN® Connectivity
Custom Alerts via SMS & Email

Intelligent Insights

Secure Cloud Connection

Tailored Unified Dashboard

Hardware Agnostic

Live and Historical Reports

Text, Call or Video Support

Get a consolidated view of all asset types

Asset Management

Comprehensive visibility across all asset types in a single view to reduce time-consuming work to locate assets.

Stationary Assets

Scheduled and customizable location updates to monitor high value stationary assets such as roll offs, containers, and water tanks.

Mobile Assets

Customized alert notifications, real-time visibility and advanced diagnostics for yellow iron equipment such as forklifts, excavators, and dozers.

Attached Assets

Track availability and utilization on assets like trailers so you can see which trailers are attached to which trucks to ensure maximum utilization.

Custom Alerting

Increase utilization reduce downtime

Access insights and utilization reports on powered and unpowered assets to facilitate reallocation and optimize asset management.

Location History

Comprehensive visibility across all asset locations in a single view to reduce time-consuming yard walks or manual work to locate assets.

Asset Count

Track location and count for smaller assets like hardware, electronics and tools to make sure nothing is lost or misplaced.

Asset Utilization

Get insights into your dormant unpowered assets, and utilization reporting for your powered assets, to improve asset management and reallocation.

Asset Protection

Set alerts for your worst-case scenario

Comprehensive visibility across all asset locations in a single view to protect assets from loss and misplacement with GPS tracking and incident-based alerts.

Unauthorized Access

Immobilize vehicles, equipment and other assets when they are accessed without permission ensuring high value assets are safe and protected.


Automatic notifications, via text or email, when any asset arrives and leaves specific locations, so you can ensure worker and equipment safety.

Theft Prevention

Use geofences, instant alerts and real-time location data to track down and immobilize any stolen equipment.
Legacy Systems Integration
Professionally Installed
Competitive Pricing
Turnkey Solution
Text, Call or Video Support

Sensors & Devices

Mobile Web Apps

Manage everything from any screen

Reduce your dependency on manual communication and paper trails. Our platform provides comprehensive real-time visibility across all your assets in one dashboard on mobile and desktop devices.

Streamline Asset Management
with an intuitive and User-Friendly UI

Make your asset(s) smart
by using Shipcom’s AIoT solutions

Shipcom AIoT for Everyone

Facility Manager

Improve operational efficiency and optimize production processes with real-time equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance alerts, and automated inventory management.

Floor Supervisor

Filter through real-time data to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Check stock levels, production issues and staff productivity to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Line Workers

Ensure smooth production workflows with task assignments, real-time equipment status updates, streamlined maintenance requests, and automated inventory replenishment.