Travel and Transportation

Logistics and operations management without the bumpy ride

Track Entire Fleets

Monitor vehicle locations in real-time, ensuring efficient route planning and minimizing delivery delays & operation costs

Reduce Operational Costs

Use data driven insights to optimize fuel usage and reduce downtime through vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance

Prevent Product Loss

Monitor temperature and humidity levels of refrigerated cargo, preventing spoilage and ensuring compliance with regulations


Shipcom revolutionizes airport operations with cutting-edge fleet and building management solutions. By tracking vehicle locations in real-time, it optimizes ground operations, reducing wait times and improving scheduling.

Additionally, its building management system enhances sustainability by detecting energy inefficiencies and automating adjustments to optimize energy usage.

Sea Ports / Warehouses

Utilize fleet management for real-time container tracking, reducing congestion on terminals, boosting port-side productivity, and allocating human and heavy machinery resources efficiently.

Implement building management to adjust lighting, optimize energy usage, and cut costs in warehouses.

Ensure product safety and compliance with temperature monitoring and custom alerts.

Shipping and Delivery

Track delivery vehicles in real-time, optimizing routes and schedules to ensure timely and efficient deliveries, while helping to reduce fuel costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Prevent spoilage and ensure the integrity of perishable goods during transit by continuous temperature monitoring and prompt alerts in case of deviations from the ideal temperature range.

Track and manage inventory and fleet

Comprehensive Logistics

Monitor inventory across multiple sites, receiving alerts for low stock. Optimize vehicle routes and track real-time locations to ensure on-time deliveries.

Warehouse Management

Monitor inventory at multiple warehouses, see what items are in stock, how much, and where everything is located. Also assign and manage tasks remotely.

Fleet & Route Optimization

Optimize routes and monitor fleet health with live GPS tracking and diagnostics. Analyze data to enhance efficiency and prevent breakdowns proactively.

Cold Chain Solutions

Get live temperature alerts, ensure compliance, and prevent product loss by maintaining strict temperature control and regulatory standards.

Manage Transport Facilities

Monitor and optimize facilities and assets

Manage facilities by automating maintenance, and optimizing assets for efficiency and safety, maximizing infrastructure life and resource utilization.

Optimize Facilities

Use data from equipment, environment, access and occupancy to optimize facilities for energy & cost efficiency and occupant comfort & safety.

Extend Infrastructure Life

Automated maintenance scheduling using performance data lowers breakdown risks, reduces disruptions, extends asset life and maximizes ROI.

Optimize Assets

Get insights for inactive unpowered assets and receive utilization reports for powered assets to manage, optimize, and reallocate assets.

Transportation and Logistics industry
across the US partner with Shipcom

Shipcom partners with the Transportation and Logistics industry across the US to streamline operations, optimize supply chain management, and enhance overall efficiency. Our innovative solutions can help companies achieve real-time visibility into their fleet, automate processes such as inventory management and route optimization, and ensure timely deliveries.

With Shipcom’s AIoT Solutions, transportation and logistics businesses can improve their productivity, reduce costs, and deliver superior service to their customers.

Following are some of our partners and the case studies of the solutions we have implemented for their organization:

Tim Brown

Administrative Director, System Logistics

The Catamaran NextGenTM platform enabled HHS to have visibility to all specimens / coolers being transferred between clinics and pavilions. We can now track and trend data to help HHS employ sustainable business decisions. From a compliance perspective, we are smarter and now able to retrieve archived temperature data for audit purposes which is making us “audit proof”. This is so critical for us to prevent potential fines and risks.”

Healthcare • Cold Chain Logistics

Shipcom AIoT for Everyone


Fleet Manager

Get full visibility into critical fleet data like location, fuel use, maintenance needs, and driver behavior. Use this data to improve efficiency, optimize routes and enhance overall fleet performance.


Maintenance Crew

Use vehicle diagnostics data for proactive issue identification, maintenance scheduling, and repair optimization, reducing downtime and improving fleet availability.


Facility Manager

Real-time monitoring of passenger flow, predictive maintenance for infrastructure, and streamlined asset management, ensures efficient operations and traveler satisfaction.