State, Local and Education

Empowering government agencies and educational institutions across the US to improve efficiency & experiences and bring facilities & assets online

Optimize Resources

Use location, environmental, occupancy, utilization data and more to optimize resources like energy, space, vehicles, equipment etc

Manage Inventory

Monitor stock levels in real-time, optimizing procurement processes, minimizing shortages and preventing product loss

Maintain Facilities

Digitize work orders and automate workflows for timely issue resolution, reducing downtime, and enhancing public facility maintenance

Fire / Police Departments

Monitor equipment status in real-time to ensure incident-readiness, detect engine issues on service vehicles for proactive maintenance, and use smart vehicle tracking systems to optimize response times. 

Use RFID tagging technology to enable efficient inventory management, and IoT-enabled asset tags to track critical assets, ensuring accountability and security.

School Districts

Streamline warehouse operations for nutrition services through real-time inventory and temperature monitoring.

Let smart sensors optimize energy usage by regulating lighting and HVAC systems based on occupancy, leading to reduced utility costs.

Use real-time equipment malfunction detection to ensure proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime.

Asset tags on equipment like laptops and tablets monitor their location, preventing loss and ensuring efficient asset management.

Public Services

Optimize energy consumption with occupancy-based controls, ensure uninterrupted services by detecting equipment malfunctions, and boost security through AI-equipped surveillance cameras.

Detect engine issues on service vehicles for proactive maintenance, and use smart vehicle tracking systems to ensure safety, efficiency and accountability.

Empowering Emergency Services

Fire and Police Departments

Maintain emergency supplies and facility systems with smart alerts and predictive insights. Utilize smart sensors for reliable equipment upkeep.

Inventory Management

Track and manage emergency supplies and equipment in real-time, optimizing inventory levels for swift and effective response to crises.

Facility Optimization

Use data from building systems to proactively maintain and optimize facilities for energy & cost efficiency as well as occupant comfort & safety.

Equipment Maintenance

Use smart sensors to ensure the reliability and readiness of firefighting and law enforcement vehicles & equipment for critical situations.

School Districts

Enhance school operations

Ensure food safety, streamline maintenance, and optimize energy usage for efficient and sustainable school facility and services management.

Nutrition Services

Ensure safe storage and distribution of perishable food items, eliminating spoilage and ensuring quality & safety standards for school nutrition programs.

Streamline Maintenance

Automate work orders and maintenance tasks to ensure timely repairs and streamlined facility management creating an ideal learning environment.

Optimize Energy Usage

Adjust lighting and HVAC systems based on occupancy to reduce costs and promote sustainability in school buildings.

Simplify maintenance and management

State and Local Government

Streamline operations for public entities, optimizing building management, inventory, and maintenance with proactive measures and automation for efficient service.

Building Management

Proactively manage government buildings, ensuring energy efficiency, safety compliance, timely maintenance and occupant comfort.

Inventory Optimization

Automate inventory and warehouse operations to optimize stock levels, minimize shortages, and improve supply chain efficiency for government agencies.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Use predictive maintenance to monitor and upkeep critical infrastructure assets, minimizing downtime and maximizing longevity for public service continuity.

State, Local and Education institutions
across the US partner with Shipcom

Shipcom partners with State, Local, and Education (SLEd) institutions across the US to modernize their operations, enhance efficiency, and improve service delivery. Our tailored solutions help SLEd organizations gain access to advanced technology for asset management, facility optimization, and resource allocation.

By leveraging Shipcom’s expertise in AIoT solutions, SLEd institutions can streamline processes, optimize workflows, and better serve their constituents while maximizing their budgetary resources.

Following are some of our partners and the case studies of the solutions we have implemented for their organization:

Conrad Davis

Sr. Warehouse Manager

Shipcom’s Expiration Dashboard helps me to manage the inventory in way that was not possible before… The advantage of having the dashboard is that it allows the operation to be proactive when dealing with aging material… it gives the operation the tool and confidence of inventory accuracy.

Shipcom AIoT for Everyone

Department Chiefs

Use real-time vehicle diagnostics, inventory levels, facility monitoring and predictive maintenance alerts for efficient resource allocation and operational optimization.


District Superintendent

Use data-driven insights from facility operations, energy usage, and maintenance needs to cut costs, ensure compliance, optimize resource allocation and enhance educational environments.


Public Officials

Get real-time data on facility management, inventory control, and infrastructure maintenance, promoting efficiency and citizen satisfaction in public services.