Streamline operations, boost efficiency, and reduce waste & spoilage

Optimize Facilities

Reduce energy costs and maintain ideal production conditions based on occupancy and environmental data

Maintain Equipment

Ensure continuous production by detecting anomalies, preempting breakdowns and scheduling preventive maintenance

Manage Inventory

Ensure accurate and efficient management of manufacturing parts and materials, minimizing stockouts and production delays

High Value Tools / Assets

Real-time asset tracking ensures visibility across the production line, while predictive maintenance capabilities anticipate machinery issues before they occur.

Enhanced security through real-time tracking and alerts safeguards assets from unauthorized access, optimizing operations and asset longevity.

Inventory / Parts

Ensure real-time monitoring of inventory levels, preventing stockouts and delays. Smart sensors track parts usage, triggering reorder requests upon consumption, minimizing downtime, and optimizing production workflows.

Track high-value inventory and parts with RFID tags, to minimize loss or theft.


Monitor equipment through smart sensors that detect anomalies in real-time, preempting breakdowns and ensuring continuous production.

Optimize lighting and HVAC systems based on occupancy data, cutting energy costs effectively.

Environmental monitoring sensors maintain ideal conditions for production processes, upholding product quality and regulatory compliance seamlessly.

Manage facilities and track fleets

Facility and fleet management

Get a holistic view of your entire facility on a single pane of glass. Know where your fleet is, anywhere, anytime and reduce your dependency on manual communication.

Reduce Downtime

Monitor critical systems and equipment for optimal performance. Work orders, anomaly detection and access to records & manuals simplify maintenance.

Prevent Theft & Misuse

Secure high-value assets from potential theft or misuse by remotely immobilizing vehicles and equipment when unauthorized access is detected.

Optimize Fleets & Routes

Optimize vehicle routes and track in real-time with GPS. Analyze data and trends to coach drivers for fuel efficiency. Use diagnostics to avoid breakdowns.

inventory and asset management

Monitor inventory and manage assets

Streamline inventory management with real-time stock levels, auto counting and threshold alerts. Location history, utilization and geofences enhance asset management.

Smart Inventory

Know what’s in stock without manually checking each bin. Use smart alerts to prevent revenue or product loss due to shortages, aging and expired items.

Mobile Assets

Track location and count for small assets such as hardware and tools to prevent misplacement or unauthorized location changes.

Asset Utilization

Access insights and utilization reports on powered and unpowered assets to facilitate reallocation and optimize asset management.

Manufacturing industries
across the US partner with Shipcom​

Shipcom partners with manufacturing companies across the US to revolutionize their operations through innovative technology solutions. By leveraging Shipcom’s expertise in asset management, inventory optimization, and process automation, manufacturers can improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity.

Shipcom’s tailored solutions enable manufacturers to streamline workflows, optimize supply chains, and adapt to changing market demands, ultimately driving growth and success in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

Following are some of our partners and the case studies of the solutions we have implemented for their organization:

Tad Sylivant

Logistics Lead

You could start integrating this system into other systems and handle engineering instructions or work orders. This is something that will make us more efficient and it will save us money in the long run, but I think its potential to grow is even more important. There’s unlimited potential here.
Aerospace and Defense • Inventory / Maintenance Management

Shipcom AIoT for Everyone

Facility Manager

Improve operational efficiency and optimize production processes with real-time equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance alerts, and automated inventory management.

Floor Supervisor

Filter through real-time data to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Check stock levels, production issues and staff productivity to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Line Workers

Ensure smooth production workflows with task assignments, real-time equipment status updates, streamlined maintenance requests, and automated inventory replenishment.