Increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and reduce paperwork

Track Critical Assets

Track location and usage for critical equipment and instruments, enabling providers to locate assets quickly, and ensure quality patient care

Prevent Sample Loss

Ensure the integrity of vaccines and lab samples by monitoring temperature in real-time and promptly alerting of any deviations

Optimize Facilities

Monitor patient flow using occupancy sensors to optimize resource allocation, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall patient experience.

Lab Samples / Vaccines

Track lab samples efficiently during testing and while transporting, minimizing errors and streamlining sample management.

Monitor vaccine / sample storage temperatures in refrigerators, ensuring potency and patient safety by promptly alerting staff to temperature deviations.

Healthcare Facilities

Monitor factors like air quality and temperature through environmental sensors to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff.

Use asset tracking solutions to help healthcare facilities manage medical equipment efficiently by providing real-time location data, reducing equipment loss and optimizing asset utilization.

Medical Inventory / Assets

Ensure efficient stock management and timely replenishment of medical supplies through real-time tracking of inventory levels.

Monitor the location and condition of medical equipment, such as infusion pumps or defibrillators, reducing the risk of loss or misplacement and streamlining equipment maintenance schedules.

Optimize facilities for efficient healthcare

Facility Management

Improve facilities by monitoring equipment, environment, occupancy and access for resource optimization, safety, and compliance, improving patient care and staff productivity.

Monitor Patient Flow

Use anonymous data to efficiently manage patient flow to minimize wait times, and optimize space allocation for improved healthcare delivery.

Manage Facility Systems

Oversee HVAC, lighting, and plumbing systems to enhance performance and cut costs. Ensure safety and control access to prevent unauthorized entry.

Work Order Management

Simplify work orders with task assignment, easy access to maintenance history / equipment manuals, and predictive maintenance to reduce breakdown risks.

Inventory and Asset management

Easily answer: what? where? how much?

Use a single platform where authorized personnel can access data about what you have, where is it located and how much of it is in stock.

Smart Inventory

Gain real-time material visibility, track inventory levels, and prevent stock issues. Automate inventory counts with RFID technology for accurate tracking.

Asset Tracking

Monitor the location & condition of medical equipment to prevent loss or misplacement, optimize maintenance schedules and ensure availability when needed.

Unauthorized Access

Get alerts when equipment / inventory are accessed without permission ensuring your high value assets are safe and protected.

Monitor labs and samples remotely

Labs and sample monitoring

Real-time temperature monitoring for lab equipment and samples. Monitor 7 IAQ conditions. Track parameters from multiple lab and/or sample locations globally, ensuring optimal conditions and compliance with regulations.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor temperature and 7 IAQ conditions for lab equipment (water baths, incubators, freezers, coolers, ovens etc.) and samples in transit.

Customized Alerts

Receive SMS or email alerts based on custom parameter deviations, ensuring prompt action to prevent product loss and maintain compliance.

Simplified Compliance

Continuously monitor records for a detailed audit trail and comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and GLP, offering paperless reporting for streamlined lab management.

Healthcare institutions
across the US partner with Shipcom​

Shipcom collaborates with healthcare providers and laboratory facilities nationwide to enhance patient care, operational efficiency, and research capabilities. Leveraging Shipcom’s advanced technology solutions, healthcare facilities optimize inventory management, streamline asset tracking, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Shipcom’s tailored AIoT offerings enable healthcare organizations to improve supply chain visibility, enhance patient safety, and reduce costs. Additionally, Shipcom’s solutions empower laboratories to efficiently manage equipment, monitor environmental conditions, and track samples, facilitating research and ensuring quality control.

Following are some of our partners and the case studies of the solutions we have implemented for their organization:

Luis Soto

Director of Laboratory Operations

The Catamaran NextGen™ system now lets us redirect the time it took to manually document this data and focus on other critical work. Ultimately, this upgrade helps increase our staff’s productivity.


Shipcom AIoT for Everyone


Facility Manager

Monitor critical lab parameters like equipment status, temperature, humidity, and IAQ in real-time, enabling proactive issue resolution and optimized lab conditions for smooth operations.


Laboratory Personnel

Export data to third-party systems like ELN, ERP, and LIMS for integration. Utilize advanced analytics for informed decision making, process optimization and resource allocation.


Supplies Department

Get low inventory alerts for timely action. Optimize inventory placement to cut picking and putaway time. Manage & assign tasks, and track performance for efficient operations.