Commercial Real Estate

Consolidate commercial space management with occupancy, environment, access, equipment and work orders all in one place

Optimize Space Utilization

Maximize space utilization and reduce operational costs by detecting unused square footage and reconfiguring It

Monitor Comfort

Monitor factors like temperature and air quality, ensuring a comfortable and healthy working / living environment for everyone

Manage Maintenance

Detect anomalies and trigger automated maintenance alerts, minimizing downtime, and extending the lifespan of assets

Retail Spaces

Transform retail spaces by integrating AIoT solutions for holistic commercial space management. From tracking occupancy and environmental conditions to managing access, equipment, and work orders, get a unified platform for streamlined and efficient retail operations.

Residential Tower / Complex

Streamline residential real estate management by consolidating occupancy tracking, environmental monitoring, access control, equipment oversight, and work order management into a unified platform. Ensuring optimal efficiency, security, and maintenance in residential complexes.

Office Spaces

Enhance overall operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs:

Monitor workspace utilization in real-time, enabling facility managers to optimize space allocation and improve efficiency and utilization rates.

Track factors like temperature and air quality, ensuring a comfortable and healthy work environment for occupants.

Monitor all building systems in one place

Building Management

Use a single platform where your entire team can access data about equipment, environment, occupancy and access for a holistic view and informed decision-making.

Space Planning

Optimize space utilization with presence detection, floor analysis, and insights into popular zones, guiding space management and design decisions.

Systems Management

Monitor HVAC, lighting and plumbing for optimal performance and cost reduction. Manage access and ensure safety, restricting unauthorized entry.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor indoor temperature, humidity, air quality, and CO2 levels to sustain a healthy environment, ensuring proper ventilation and energy efficiency.

Maintenance Management

Simplify maintenance, increase productivity

Boost productivity with streamlined maintenance requests for a variety of assets. Automate workflows to reduce administrative tasks, errors, and disruptions.

Work Order Management

Resolve maintenance requests quickly by improving communication, task assignment, and collaboration between facility managers and maintenance teams.

Preventive Maintenance

Automated maintenance, using equipment data or fixed intervals, reduces breakdowns, extends asset lifespan, and minimizes disruptions.


Access maintenance history, equipment manuals and other relevant documents to make informed decisions on repairs, replacements, and upgrades.

Commercial Real Estate
across the US partners with Shipcom

Shipcom partners with commercial real estate firms across the US to optimize building operations, enhance tenant satisfaction, and improve asset performance. Through advanced technology solutions, Shipcom enables real estate professionals to monitor critical building systems, streamline maintenance processes, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Shipcom’s tailored AIoT offerings help commercial real estate companies maximize energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create sustainable and comfortable environments for occupants.

Following are some of our partners and the case studies of the solutions we have implemented for their organization:

Luis Soto

Director of Laboratory Operations

The Catamaran NextGen™ system now lets us redirect the time it took to manually document this data and focus on other critical work. Ultimately, this upgrade helps increase our staff’s productivity.


Shipcom AIoT for Everyone

Property Owner

Access real-time data on occupancy, energy usage, security, and maintenance needs for informed data-driven decisions, optimizing operations, and improving efficiency.

Property Manager

By using data from sensors, managers can reduce costs, improve sustainability, ensure a safe and comfortable environment for tenants, and increase staff productivity.

Maintenance Staff

Use real-time performance data from critical building equipment and systems for preventive maintenance, proactive issue resolution and optimal building performance.