Aerospace and Defense

Accelerated decision making technology to power the frontlines


Use the power of AI + IoT to transform operations by streamlining inventory management, protecting assets, and automating processes

ITV technology

Enhance visibility and tracking, optimizing logistics and supply chain management for greater efficiency and control.


Automatic Identification and Data Capture improves visibility of information and assets throughout the DOD supply chain

Space Force

Shipcom offers cutting-edge supply chain and MRO technology solutions tailored for the US Space Force. Our expertise lies in implementing IoT devices, RTLS technologies, and automated asset management solutions.

Specifically designed for space operations, Shipcom’s solutions enhance visibility, streamline inventory management, and provide real-time tracking for critical assets, ensuring the Space Force can respond swiftly to mission requirements even in disconnected or disadvantaged network modes.

US Air Force

Shipcom addresses the Air Force’s challenges by re-imagining and automating maintenance reporting workflows. Our Catamaran platform, with AI-infused analytics, transforms the Daily Maintenance Output Report (DMOR), providing in-depth insights into key performance indicators, job completion rates, and supply constraints.

The result is improved operational efficiency, reduced flow days, and substantial cost savings through data pipeline automation.

US Navy

Shipcom collaborates with the US Navy to implement real-time asset management solutions. Leveraging IoT devices and our Catamaran NextGen platform, we ensure accurate and efficient tracking of tools, equipment, and inventory.

The system goes beyond inventory management, providing insights into asset utilization, automating compliance processes, and enhancing accountability.

Shipcom’s solutions empower the Navy to operate seamlessly, reduce labor costs, and safeguard valuable assets.

US Marine Corps

Shipcom’s Catamaran NextGen™ solution, coined as DDIL MC Log, specifically addresses the Marine Corps’ challenges.

Designed for disconnected operations, DDIL MC Log ensures continuity in supply and maintenance roles even in austere environments. With features like unattended synchronization events, mobile support, and integration with GCSS-MC ERP, Shipcom’s solution reduces latency issues, provides real-time logistics data, and enhances decision-making capabilities in challenging operational settings.

Powering the frontlines with AI-powered maintenance

Multi-Node Availability

Maximize resource availability across various locations, bolstering logistics planning in dynamic operational environments.

Powering the frontlines with AI-powered maintenance

Multi-Node Availability

Maximize resource availability across various locations, bolstering logistics planning in dynamic operational environments.

Enhanced Logistics Planning

Utilize predictive analytics to forecast the availability of resources based on historical data, usage patterns, and operational conditions.

Operational Resilience

Factor in contested environments where security threats or disruptions may impact the accessibility of nodes, guiding decision-making in challenging scenarios.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Use real-time monitoring of supply nodes to quickly adapt to changes, ensuring timely access to critical resources.

Readiness Optimization

Rapid Decision-Making with AI-based Analytics

Enhance mission-critical asset availability by blending operational data, ML, NLP, and generative AI. Monitor high-value components, predict risks, and optimize inventory.

Maintenance Optimization

Forecast part life, track components, and adjust recommendations based on diverse data for efficient resource allocation.

Failure Predictions

Predict subsystem and component risk using AI algorithms, ensuring timely notice and aggregating risk across fleet levels for proactive management.

Inventory Optimization

Anticipate demand, enhance forecasts with AI insights, and dynamically optimize fleet-wide supply chains for efficient part inventory management.

Powering the frontlines with AI-powered maintenance

Disconnected Operations

Maximize resource availability across various locations, bolstering logistics planning in dynamic operational environments.

Disconnected Operations

Address connectivity by ensuring uninterrupted supply and maintenance operations in DDIL environments, facilitating crucial transitions between connected and disconnected modes within GCSS-MC ERP.


Unattended synchronization events, enable supply and maintenance roles to operate autonomously without a persistent ERP connection reducing dependency on continuous connectivity.

Agile Deployment

Swiftly deploy DDIL MC Log, driven by COTS software, with ERP APIs, cutting project timelines from years to months, ensuring quick implementation and easy Marine Corps adaptability.

Swift Decision-Making with AI-powered Analytics

Security / Clearance

Shipcom AIoT is a trusted custodian of customer data. We implement policies and undergo regular certification to ensure that customer data, applications, and infrastructure remain secure.

Stringent security measures, including FedRAMP certifications and Authority to Operate (ATO), ensure that organizations retain all their data without the need to offload it to external APIs. Proficient in air-gapped operations and DDIL environments, Shipcom prioritizes data confidentiality and demonstrates expertise in handling sensitive information up to IL-5 impact levels.

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Commanders / Leaders

Enhance situational awareness with real-time insights for strategic decision-making. Gain a comprehensive view of logistics, maintenance, and operational data, enabling swift decisions in dynamic and contested environments to optimize mission success.

Logisticians / Maintainers

Streamline logistics and maintenance operations by optimizing supply chain processes, resource allocation, and minimizing downtime. Enhance overall readiness with real-time asset tracking, predictive maintenance insights, and automated workflows.

Operators / Analysts

Leverage AI-infused analytics for actionable intelligence in diverse scenarios. Have the tools and insights needed for faster decision-making, heightened situational awareness, and optimal mission execution in expeditionary operations and daily maintenance.
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These tools operate as a hybrid capability, which will allow users access to the full feature set when cloud connectivity is available, but remain productive locally within the DDIL environment.
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