Operations at the Speed of Relevance with Shipcom AIoT

Comprehensive Turnkey Enterprise AI Applications

Secure GPT

Generative AI with enterprise private data, customized to meet your organization’s unique needs and requirements

Legal GPT

Automate time-consuming tasks like legal research, document drafting, and data analysis

Contracts Management

Enhance the efficiency of handling contracts through Shipcom AI, ensuring accuracy and compliance

Verification & Validation

Configure V&V engine to match the makers-and-checkers process to ensure 100% compliance

Analog Instruments Reading

Read analog dials such as gauges, digital displays, and warning light colors

Product Detection

Detect different product types automatically.

Pothole Detection

Automated detection of potholes with AI vision

Object Counting

Use cameras for automated object counting with deep learning.

PPE Detection

Automated safety and compliance monitoring to minimize accidents and increase efficiency.

Stopped Vehicle Detection

Detect unexpected vehicle stops, anomalies, and dangerous situations automatically.

Vehicle Dwell Time

Monitor the time vehicles spend at scheduled stops without moving to increase efficiency.

Customer Flow Analysis

Track the length of time a person spends looking at a display or remains in a specific area.

Movement Heat Maps

Crowd detection application to identify human movement trajectories in public spaces.

Intruder Detection

Detect intrusion events in pre-defined areas by identifying the target's position, date and time.

Parking Lot Occupancy

Complete application to detect vehicles with Computer Vision and Deep Learning

People Counting

Area-based people counting in real-time using common surveillance cameras.

Vehicle Counting

Detect and count different types of vehicles for traffic analysis.

Number Plate Recognition

Automated Number Plate Recognition to identify vehicles in real-time.

Enterprise AI: Operations at the Speed of Relevance