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In line with its vision for digital transformation and the Oil & Gas 4.0 mission, ADNOC Offshore is committed to providing the desired AI technologies to fuel innovation, efficiency and more importantly achieve and sustain a 100% HSE stance.

Our ambition is to extend technology’s power across our entire value chain from drilling platforms to trading platforms... By embedding innovation into every aspect of our business, we are determined to make ADNOC the destination of choice for a highly skilled, digitally native workforce and a home for the best and the brightest of our young people... While advances in technology are impacting every industry, it is time for us to focus our attention on how it can advance our industry... At ADNOC, we believe technology can enhance our operational efficiency, drive performance, maximize profitability and empower our people.

  • ADNOC’s Panorama Digital Command Centre has generated over $1 billion in business value since being implemented over three years ago (Arabian Business)
  • ADNOC plans to advance projects for other digital efforts, including expanded AI solutions
  • “ADNOC’s focus on 100% HSE is fundamental to the success of its 2030 smart growth strategy.” (Mr. Abdulmunim Saif Al Kindy – Executive Director, People, Technology & Corporate Support Directorate)
  • Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas industry remains one of the safest in the world, with a Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) rate that is considerably lower than the global industry average
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ADNOC Offshore - SARB4 Project

Shipcom’s Catamaran System at ADNOC Offshore

Solution Differentiators

  • Robust solution using standard and proven building blocks
  • Patented technology combines GPS and RFID
  • GPS, Active, Passive, Barcode, Sensors & OCR bringing best in breed technologies together
  • Open platform architecture and integration with external systems
  • Highly scalable – add workers, users, expand coverage
  • Advanced Personnel Tracking System (PTS) features – Mustering, Visitors
  • Can seamlessly add ‘Assets’, ‘Vehicles’ for tracking
  • Real-time visibility
  • Real-time event processing, converting information to managerial insight
  • Senses and reports environmental, safety, hazardous, and security conditions
  • Proactively alert on abnormal conditions
  • Condition Based Maintenance

Catamaran Worker Safety & Personnel Accountability System

Smart Worker Safety & Security via AI and IoT Technology

View and visualize the current Smart IoT landscape of the entire facility
RFID badging and sensors provide an advanced level of actionable data and insights into safety and security
Camera and controls sensors used to protect worker/visitor safety, critical assets, material and optimize safety & security environment
Monitor and provide actionable data and intelligence from cameras and sensors
Manage the connected sensor environment
Interactive advanced dashboards and reports with ability to drilldown and provide meaningful actionable intelligence


An alarm is sent to the control room for action if an individual is exposed to abnormal levels of gas. The control operator can send an individual message on the Smart Badge Tag or broadcast a message to a group of workers, commence a rescue operation to the worker based on the location shown on the central control system.

In addition to responding to out-of range gas levels, the Catamaran Worker Safety and Personnel Accountability System is beneficial in non gas-related medical emergencies such as worker fall and man-down events.

A “panic button” on the device also sends an alert to the central control room in case of any emergency.

Compliance with occupational safety and health standards set by local governments in any plant environment is very key for management. Employers are required to know who is in their unit at all times.

The Catamaran Worker Safety and Personnel Accountability System transmits the location of employees. Control room operators can view the location of employees and in an emergency, identify the personnel in danger and take action to initiate a rescue operation or contain a hazardous situation.

Gas data monitored and captured allows easy compliance reporting, for example number gas detectors due for calibration, number of gas alarm incidents, etc.

Shipcom automated safety monitoring solutions instantly alert monitoring personnel as well as management when an employee has suffered an incident, through email, SMS, and Shipcom’s Portal web app.

With instant safety alerting, it enables others to proactively respond, rather than discovering an incident, possibly several hours later.

Each safety alert is accompanied by the employee’s precise location. Monitoring personnel can use this awareness to dispatch assistance for a pin-point response. Central controllers have this visibility and can therefore assist outside operators with the location of individuals requiring evacuation.

Shipcom solutions are configurable based upon employee roles, organization structure, monitoring responsibility, protocol requirements, and device settings.

Shipcom’s solutions easily integrate within an organization, accommodating organizational structure, employee roles, and each site or location.

Employers are responsible for employee health, not only due to injuries but even if a worker suffers from a health condition. Implementing a safety monitoring solutions helps to reduce corporate liability risk through proactive and automatic safety incident alerting.

Compared to traditional manual employee check-in systems that may fail due to human error or complacence, Shipcom solutions combine automatic employee monitoring with manually-triggered employee alerting.

As compared to traditional systems Shipcom’s safety solutions regain lost efficiency and reduce operating costs. Some regions place a duty of care upon employers, mandating the periodic monitoring of employee safety.



AI Platform for ADNOC

Shipcom’s Final Solution Comparison - Policy vs implementation



Pursuing the goal of no harm to people and the community.

• Highest solution accuracy and reliability

• Algorithms adapted to multiple ethnicities and environments

Protecting the environment and supporting the UAE’s commitment to address the global challenge of climate change.

• Sustainable energy strategies

• Reducing carbon footprint

Implementing cost-effective measures to improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy.

• Benefit from the enhanced productivity that analytics-driven change can bring

• Long-term potential benefits to productivity, safety and cost

Ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures relating to HSE.

• Proven Worker Safety and Personnel Accounting System from Shipcom that addresses all HSSE industry challenges

Having world-class emergency response, crisis management and business continuity measures in place.

• Access to key performance indicators and visualization to better manage the safety, security environment

• Accurate and advance human location data during any incident

• Emergency evacuation and headcount

• Trace back events

• Predictive analytics

Managing risks through effective controls and minimizing impacts to our businesses.

• Access one interface that seamlessly interfaces multiple connections on any device, including mobile and tablet

• Provide real-time monitoring and analysis of Safety, Security and Environment systems for a distributed system and video architecture

• AI and deep learning to enhance controls

Focusing on incident prevention by managing process safety and the integrity of our assets.

• Integration with other systems such as Access Control, CCTV, Physical Security

• The application tries to find the root cause of issues or areas of improvement, recommends solutions to resolve an incident

• “Take Action” button

Promoting sustainability, corporate social responsibility and the welfare of our workforce.

• By bringing different systems together – Cameras, Sensors, RFID tags, Asset Management, Building Systems, and more – the platform empowers users to have overall visibility to improve the safety and security of people and assets

Embedding a 100% HSE culture that empowers employees and contractors to intervene and stop any unsafe work.

• Account for all operators – automated muster management and location of un-mustered personnel

• PPE module

• Bi-directional interface

Developing and sustaining HSE critical competencies in our employees.

• Live POB count


• Personal information and tracking

Holding all levels of management, supervisors, and employees accountable for HSE performance.

• The Catamaran NextGen AI platform will manage and report complex tasks effectively

Setting targets for HSE performance and continuous improvement.

• Expansion of solution to incorporate IoT sensors and equipment

Engaging business partners who are also committed to 100% HSE.

• Shipcom has deep domain experience in HSSE, DAS certifications in QMS and Health and Safety Management Systems

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